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May 6, 2015

Providing excellent service

As soon as someone is willing to spend their money, they expect excellent service. Absolutely flawless, courteous, perfect service. And since most companies actually do this so well, it really surprises people when they don't get it. Yeah, I've had thousands of meals at restaurants over the years and I can only think of one time when it wasn't right. Maybe two.

So, if you're interested in providing excellent service, believe me, there's a lot of competition out there. Watch your easy-going friends turn into very demanding consumers whenever they order something, whether at their local Starbucks, or online. No excuses, get it right the first time, and fast, cheerful service!

Companies that don't do this, of course, go away very quickly. Of course, if your customers have no other choice than to deal with your company, they will, but given the slightest chance, they will find someone who can do it right, and be pleasant about it.

My business, drawing custom cartoon illustrations, is a lot like a tailoring shop. I do made-to-measure custom work. Well, cartoon illustrations. I don't have shelves of cartoons that people can just pick up and walk away with. Service is very important to me.

As an old marketing guy, I am always interested in the small mistakes that businesses make that discourages customers. And most of the time these mistakes are very small. The most common one is giving customers the run-around. That is, not telling them what something costs, and how long it will take. Since mine is a custom business, I have to listen to the needs of a client before I can quote a price, but believe me, I quote a price, and I stand by it.

Providing excellent service is the very least that you can do for your customers. Providing an excellent product at an excellent price is what they're mostly looking for. But without service, they'll just go somewhere else, and I don't blame them.

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