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The first thing to do on your new Facebook business page

If you just started a Facebook page for your new business, congratulations, you've done the right thing. At this point, the page is pretty blank, but hopefully you've already put in the address, and at least people can find your business. But before you start posting stuff on the page, take a moment and step back. The first thing that you have to do might surprise you, and it catches many people off guard!

The first thing you have to do on your Facebook business page is look at it. At least once a day. It's a commitment, just like your business. Put a bookmark on your browser. Check it every morning, check it in the evening. Sad to say that the first thing that you will need to do is to defend it from vandals.

Yes, what you've heard about the internet is true. It's filled with a lot of people who just like to damage things. They like to post obscene stuff, rude comments, that sort of thing. They're the same people who do all types of vandalism, from childish pranks, to writing on the walls of public restrooms, to kicking over tombstones in a cemetery, to keying cars in parking lots. I don't know why people do this kind of stuff, but they always have, and they always will.

So your first job will be defense. Facebook is a magnet for this type of behavior. And the only solution is to delete those comments. No, don't get into an argument with these people. They think what they're doing is funny, or somehow justified. Just delete the comment.

That's a good start. Now go look at other Facebook business pages, and see what you like, what works for you. It does get more fun, as you add more photos, that sort of thing. You will find that the vast majority of people on Facebook, as in real life, aren't vandals. But it only takes a few to make a mess of things - keep it clean!