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Using an iPhone after learning on an iPad

I just got my iPhone today and it's great. I had practiced the Apple iOS on my iPad, so once I got the phone it all looked pretty familiar to me. My iPad had introduced me to the word of apps, and using your voice instead of trying to type with your thumbs. Of course, what I needed was an easy way to send an receive text messages, and you don't do that on an iPad, you do it on a phone.

Since I've been using software for many years now, the first thing that I do is to simplify the interface. That means moving stuff over to the second screen so that I don't have to look at so much on the main screen. I had decided what apps I liked on my iPad, which included Chrome, and Inbox for Gmail, so installed those. Otherwise, there really isn't much else to do.

This phone is exactly what I was hoping for. It was brutally expensive, and it's absolutely brilliant. I'm a Mac guy, and I use my phone for work, so I have an excuse to use such a great gadget. It's like driving a Ferrari, it's nice if you have an excuse for it, and I do!

Of course, everything else works along with my iTunes stuff, just like Apple TV. I don't care for the Apple Calendar, so I bought an app that works with my Google Calendar. I especially like color-coding. If you don't use color-coding, the built-in Calendar will work fine for you.

Dang, this phone even has fingerprint recognition! Welcome to the 21st Century!

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