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May 20, 2015

Using your voice to write on an iPhone

Like many people over 40, I hate trying to type on a tiny cell phone keyboard. And while nowadays Smart Phones are much better than the old days of trying to type on a flip phone, or even the tiny phones with keyboards, sorry, the tiny keys are still just too small for comfort. Yeah, I'll type on them if I have to, but really the main reason I got my new iPhone is so that I could communicate with people without having to type.

Here on my desktop computer, I can type as much as I want, and it's very comfortable. But away from it, I've been kind'a lost for a while. But when I saw a friend of mine using his voice on his iPhone, I was convinced. It really does work brilliantly, but here are a few things to think about:

• Practice on an iPad. A lot of people have them, and I got the least-expensive one last year and learned about voice-to-text. Wow, it works great! You just talk to it, and you see the words form right then and there. You have to speak clearly, but it's not like the bad old days of the '90s when you had to memorize commands.

• Spend the money. Yeah, Apple products are insanely expensive, but it's their technology that makes the voice-to-text thing work so well. Yeah, you gotta get an iPhone for this to work this well. No, Apple isn't paying me to say this. I've been a Mac guy for years, I built my career on it, and it just works. It's part of my business, and I invest in myself.

So there you go. I'm loving my new iPhone, and aside from entering a few passwords to get things started, I'm not using the keyboard at all. I'm just talking. Yeah, I gotta organize my thoughts, which I really don't have to do with a full-size keyboard like this, but maybe I should!

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