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May 13, 2015

Why you should allow ads on your blog

I appreciate the nice people at Google who have created this beautiful and easy-to-use interface so that I can blog. I have other blogs, and mostly I just like talking about stuff. On this blog I mostly talk about cartoons, but I have a history blog, a gardening blog, that sort of thing. And it's all supported by Google.

These blogs cost me nothing, and are supported by advertisers who pay Google. Yes, I get a percentage, which is so small it's practically nothing, but that's not the reason that I allow ads on my blogs. I allow them for the same reason that I tip my server at a restaurant, why I support local businesses. I want to show my appreciation, and support.

No, Google doesn't pay me to say this stuff, nor do the restaurants I go to, and the place where I buy my organic carrots. I just appreciate having them around, and while I don't have the money to lavish great wealth on them, I can do my little bit. And for Google, they can put ads on my blog.

I have really, really enjoyed blogging on Blogger for many years now. It's so much easier than doing it on a web page, and it costs me nothing. Thank you, Google! Sure, you can put an ad in the window over there, I don't mind. If I had a brick-and-mortar business window, I would do the same for any other business that I support. It's the least I can do.

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