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May 10, 2015

Why you should use custom cartoon illustrations online

OK, I'll admit it. This blog post is a sales pitch. Yes, I want you to use my custom cartoon illustrations for your business. Of course, if you're wondering *why*, are some very good reasons.

• Avoiding copyright violations. Sure, you can download something from the web, and you probably won't ever get caught, or sued, for copyright violation, but, hey, is that really how you do business?

• Avoiding the cost of a photographer or models. With apologies to the hard-working photographers and models out there, who need to earn a living, my cartoons don't require them, or their expense.

• An original, creative, look. Nothing looks worse than *stock art* on your web page. Sure, it's cheaper, but it gives a phony look to your page. And your business isn't phony, is it?

I've been doing custom cartoon illustrations for many years, and I just love doing it, and my clients love the positive reactions that they get from including my cartoons. Lately I've been noticing how darn eye-catching they look on cell phones, by the way. I'm just sayin'.

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