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May 9, 2015

Why your business doesn't need a website, and what you should do instead

Ten years ago I would have encouraged anyone who was opening up a business to get a website. Nowadays, not so much. And it is isn't because I've stopped designing them, it's just that many businesses are better off focusing their online marketing elsewhere.

Take a look at your business and ask if there is a need for a page or two that just kind'a sits there. That's what a website is. I'm in the business of doing custom cartoon artwork, so it's appropriate for me. People can browse, see my work, check out my prices, read my recommendations, etc., and if they like what they see, they can contact me. Other than taking a look at it ever once in a while, and maybe adding new cartoons occasionally, I don't really need to invest much time in it.

If your business is, for example, a neighborhood bar, it's much more dynamic. That is, things are happening all of the time, like the darts tournament, or Cinco de Mayo. And keeping up with that dynamic movement on a webpage is just awful. That's what Social Media is for, specifically Facebook. Facebook does that great, and it's pretty easy to do yourself.

So go get that page on Facebook. And then gather up as many images that you can find. If you're fortunate enough to know a professional photographer, and videographer, you're really in luck.

Facebook does a great job with Search Engine Optimization. Many websites just get completely lost, and usually it's just as well. But if you start posting photos of your place on social media, it all gets mixed together, and ultimately people who want to know about your place will find your Facebook page. They will probably *like* it! And your business will be indexed on Google, so people can find it easily.

Now remember that a Facebook business page isn't the same as your personal page. You shouldn't just post random stuff. And everything you post should have a photo. Show off those cool pool tables, or whatever.

So there you go. Facebook. And if someone tells you that you need a website, ask them why?

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