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How to not see stuff on Facebook that your friends post

If you would like to keep someone on Facebook a friend, but not see the stuff they post, yes, Facebook will let you do that. And no, you don't have to unfriend them. And they will never know.

To do it, click on the little tiny arrow arrow at the top right of the post from your friend. If it's someone who is posting a lot of stuff that is just making a mess of your experience on Facebook, select "Unfollow Bob" (if Bob is the friend you want to unfollow). Note that you will still stay friends.

If Bob is just posting stuff every once in a while that you don't want to see, you have a second option, which is "Hide Post" - that just hides that particular post, but you'll see everything else that Bob posts. You may want to start with "Hide Posts" individually before you take the next step to "Unfollow Bob".

So there you go. That way you don't have to see stuff from Bob anymore, but you remain friends, and he'll never know! A neat trick!