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June 16, 2015

The correct setting for your iPhone camera - square

If you're new to the world of taking photos with your iPhone, and posting them on places like Facebook, etc., you may be wondering what settings you should use. Luckily, it's easy. You don't have to mess with any advanced stuff, you just have to select Square.

Wide format (things look really small)

A square photo looks best on social media streams, such as Facebook. Using a wide format unfortunately just makes the things in the image look tiny, as does using a vertical wide format, which just seems to make it worse. To maximize the impact of the photo, and give people a chance to actually see what's in it, select "Square", not "Photo".

Square format - even small things look bigger

Vertical format. Don't do this!

A square photo just looks better, as it uses the available space the best. Of course, if you're taking a photo to be framed, or enlarged to hang on the wall, this doesn't apply.

The next time you're looking at photos on Facebook, etc., take a look at how much better the square ones use the available space, and how narrow and tiny the wide format ones look - especially the ones taken vertically, which is how most beginners do it.

Think square!

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