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Using a Google calendar on your iPhone

I like my iPhone, but I prefer to use Google products, such as gmail, calendars, that sort of thing. So I loaded up my phone with Google apps, which makes me feel very comfortable. I got into the habit of using Google apps on my Chromebook, which was my "baby step" to getting away from my desktop computer. Last year I replaced the Chromebook with an iPad, but I stuck with the Google apps. This year I got my iPhone, and I did the same thing.

The main reason that I prefer the Google calendar is the color coding, which I have been using for years. It's especially nice on the iPhone, which is much smaller than my desktop computer, and my iPad, so I can see at a glance what's important, and what isn't.

I got the app Calenmob (which means Calendar Mobile) for my iPhone and I liked it, so installed it on my iPad. On my desktop I use the regular Google Calendar.

Then I did something that really shocked people, I spent money. No, I'm not talking about the enormous amount of money that the iPhone cost me, that didn't get anyone's attention, I paid for the app on my phone to get it without advertising. It cost me - gasp - six dollars and ninety-nine cents!

After investing such a large amount of money on my computer, my iPad, and my iPhone, an additional seven bucks just seemed trivial to me. But it has apparently shocked everyone that I have talked to. "Wow! You PAID for an app?"

The hardest part for me is to remember that I have a calendar in my pocket. Yesterday as I was setting up an appointment for a haircut, it took quite a while for my slow brain to figure out that I could just talk to my phone, in the app, and say "haircut". And of course it shows up on my Google calendar on my desktop, and on my iPhone.

By the way, of of this writing, the Google Calendar isn't quite there yet. More about that here