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Watching the pennies drop in AdSense

Having AdSense on your blog is fun. I've found it to be surprisingly addictive, doing what I call "watching the pennies drop". And really, that's what AdSense pays, pennies.

I have several blogs, which I've had for years. And no, I didn't start them, or write them, for Adsense. Mostly I did them so that I could understand them, recommend certain things to my clients, and troubleshoot if they were stuck somewhere. I considered understanding Google Blogger to be as crucial to my success as any other piece of software I used.

I write my blogs, like I am writing this one, in the morning while I drink my coffee. I enjoy it a lot, and I know that a lot of other people do. I can talk about stuff I like, like Blogger, and AdSense, and hopefully that will keep me from boring my friends at lunch, who would probably really rather I didn't.

I'm an early adaptor to technology. I saw the Macintosh computer being invented, I saw the internet beginning. Heck, I even had a MySpace profile in the 90s! Whenever something is invented, I'm kind'a like someone who feels left out if I don't invite myself to the party. Yeah, I've sold on ebay, turned my brother on to Facebook years ago, joined Google+ when it was by invitation only. I've invested a lot of hours in all of this, but really, it's just a lot of fun for me, kind of like playing a video game.

I've watched to the AdSense videos, read their suggestions, hopefully done everything they suggest. The trick to it is to have ads that people can see, and click on it they want to, but not so much that you blog just looks like Times Square, with flashing stuff everywhere. If you look at this blog, I've taken their advice and put an ad at the top, and two along the left side, which is where they recommend.

I have a bookmark on my browser so that I can watch the pennies slowly accumulate. I have an app on my phone so I can do the same thing. I'm not very good at math, but I figure that it's costing me more in coffee than I make on Adsense while I'm blogging, but hey, I'm gonna drink coffee, anyway. And I'm gonna blog, anyway.

By the way, you get paid by AdSense based on visitors, and whether they click or not. Followers mean nothing. If you have hundreds of followers, like your friends who never visit, that counts for nothing. So remember that you are writing for an audience out there, not your friends who like you. Say something interesting. Tell me something informative, and I will visit your blog. And you can watch the pennies drop, too!