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June 6, 2015

What is a blog?

A blog, which is short for "web log" is a way for someone to write on the web without the necessity of a web page, or HTML. This blog, hosted by Google, allows me to write about my cartoons, technology, anything I want.

Originally the idea of a blog was to create something like a journal, or a diary, and many people still use it for that. Then people like me started writing about just about anything, including what flowers are blooming in our yards, what our dogs are doing, whatever. And it's just for fun.

It's paid for by advertising, which you should see swirling around this post. As the author, I get a percentage of the advertising money, but believe me, it's just pennies. Advertising is big business, and Google makes most of the money on this. As an author of a blog, you are essentially giving Google free content that it can attach its advertising to. That's why Blogger is free to you as an author. I consider it a good win-win situation.

I have several blogs, which include




They are all on Google Blogger, so they cost me nothing. My professional website,, does cost me to have, and that's where I have my most important stuff. Because Google is a free service, like Yahoo, I understand that if something goes wrong, there's really nothing that I can do. For my website, however, which I pay for, if something goes wrong (although it never does!), I can pick up the phone and talk to customer service at Bluehost.

I like living in cyberspace, and I consider it part of my world. People ask me why I don't write a book, but I really have no interest in doing that. I love the idea of jotting down ideas, like I'm doing right now, and throwing them out into cyberspace. As a professional cartoonist, it enhances my reputation - well, hopefully it does! It lets my clients, and potential clients, know that I am for real - which I am, and so is my dog!

Brad draws custom cartoon illustrations for publications, blogs, presentations, anything you want. You can contact him at his website

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