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What Twitter is, and how to use it

Twitter is a Social Media site that allows you to write (and read) very short posts, such as "I like dachshunds" or "I'm in a boring meeting". It was very popular years ago, when Smart Phones were new, and many people still use it today. Nowadays I see that people are using more of its functions, and it allows you to post photos, that sort of thing, but mostly it's for short phrases that you feel that you need to communicate to the world.

It's like any other Social Media site - you select a username and a password, and it lets you in. Since I have a company, I use the same username everywhere I go, BradHallArt. Of course, the passwords are all different at the different sites, and I keep them very strong, as you should be in the habit of doing. It's good practice to keep passwords strong, and secure, as you don't want someone to break in, and start pretending to be you (it's called hacking). It's just kind of embarrassing, as your Tweets may say things like "Dachshunds no I don't like" or "Am enjoying pleasant meeting but wish I was at (name of spam site)". Here is my Twitter page . Note that I did the fancy background, etc., but that isn't absolutely necessary.

By the way, the short message that you write in Twitter is called a "Tweet" - you know, like a bird. That's why the logo is a bird. This site was designed just to send short, light, messages, which is what twittering is all about. If you want to write more lengthy stuff, you should write a blog, like this one, or post on Linkedin, or Google+.

So go out there and start tweeting! Tweet-Tweet!