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June 18, 2015

Why the audiobook on your iPhone just started playing way too fast, and how to fix it

If you enjoy listening to audiobooks on your iPhone, like I do, you may have been dismayed to suddenly hear the narrator going way too fast, sounding more like a chipmunk than anything else. And it's a function that's called 2X Speed.

To fix it, tap the words 2X Speed until it says 1X Speed. I'll bet you never noticed that before - I sure didn't! You can also tap 0.5 Speed if you prefer to hear a book as if it were narrated under water.

Apparently many people enjoy listening to speeded-up audiobooks, and I guess I can understand why. But since the 2X speed is in the lower right, where it's easy to touch by anyone who actually has fingers and actually touches their phone, it seems to do it at random times.

I'm sure that the people who design this kind of stuff mean well, but having a button that is easily bumped is just poor design. I wish they wouldn't do this kind of stuff, but they do!

Now excuse me, I'm going back to listen to more of P.G. Wodehouse's "Pigs Have Wings". And I want to hear Martin Jarvis, who has a great voice, speak normally, not like a chipmunk!

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