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June 5, 2015

Why you should avoid subliminal advertising

Done correctly, subliminal advertising works great. And before you jump to conclusions about it being related to something obscene, or evil, please rest assured that it simply means that the message is getting to you without being terribly obvious. A good example of subliminal advertising is the logo on the car that James Bond is driving in his latest movie. In the advertising world that's known as product placement, and it isn't bad at all, if it's done right.

But when it's done wrong, it's awful. It makes people feel as if they're listening to a sales pitch when they really didn't want to. So, unless you're filming the next James Bond movie, you would be wise to avoid subliminal advertising.

Look around at this blog post. There is no subliminal advertising, but there is advertising. The ads that appear on the page are created by Google, and I have no idea what they are. Certainly nothing I write here is going to be influenced by them. In fact, it's the reverse. What I write here on my blog influences which ads appear. This is the opposite of subliminal advertising. And personally, I am more comfortable with it.

The only sponsor of this page is me. I allow myself an ad for my cartoons at the bottom of each post. No one else influences me, there is no product placement, nor is there subliminal advertising.

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