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July 4, 2015

How social media works with your blog

Social Media, such as Facebook, or Google+, is a great complement to your blog. And if you're just starting out, for example, creating a social media page about a particular interest of yours, it's best to go one step at a time. Here are the steps:

• Start on Facebook. Create a group, get a feel for what it's like to post things and get comments. For many people this is really the very first time that they have ever done anything like public speaking. If you'd done teaching, it's very similar. You present, encourage intelligent questions and comments, and try to find a nice way to get rid of people who only want to disrupt.

• Move to Google+. Google+ is a more sophisticated platform than Facebook, so if you never move there, it's understandable. But if your intention is to tie what you post on social media with your blog posts, take the time to learn this, as it will make everything so much easier to manage in the long run.

• Create a blog in Blogger. Yes, that's a Google product, and since you're now posting on Google+, there is an easy and fast way to keep track of everything that anyone writes on any of your posts, or blog posts, and that's...

• Gmail. Gmail has a tab called "Social" that gives you a message immediately whenever there is a comment on your Google+ page, or your blog.

So there you go. I have several Google+ pages that have thousands of posts, and I also have several blogs. I manage them all with InBox in Gmail. Since it's all Google for me, it's all tied together and I give people the illusion that I am actually organized!

I still use Facebook, but mostly for goofing around. Facebook is a good place to start!

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