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July 7, 2015

How to make a video with your iPhone

iPhones take great photos, and great videos. So if you're thinking of making a video, I encourage you. And I also encourage you to see if you can do it right, and avoid common mistakes. So this is how you do it:

• Hold the camera horizontally. Yeah, I know it's in your phone, which you normally hold vertically, but videos should be wider than they are tall. If you do the video holding the camera upright, the images will be teeny-tiny, and the space on the sides will be wasted when you post it on Facebook, or wherever. Don't do that. Hold it on the sides. And keep your left fingers down, away from the camera lens.

• Hold still. The iPhone does a great job of cutting down on the shakiness that is inevitable with a hand-held video camera, but it would be nice if you would help a bit. A video that jumps around all over the place just is gonna give people motion sickness. Practice a bit by framing what you intend to shoot, and holding still.

• View it on your desktop computer. Don't even think about suddenly uploading it from your phone to social media. You may not see stuff, but other people will. Sync it to the Photos application on your Mac, and watch it full screen. If you see something that you'd rather not become public, like your house number, don't post it. Sorry, but those things are easy to miss when you're doing the video, or viewing it on your phone. They jump out at you on your desktop screen.

• Upload it to YouTube, and allow space for YouTube to put the ads along the bottom. That is if your video is monetized, which it really should be, in case your video suddenly goes viral, you will become rich.

Yeah, this takes a little bit of time, but really, it's worth it. And, like everything else, it's best to practice a bit before you need to do an important video, like someone falling off their skateboard. Do a video of your dog, or just anything, bring it onto your computer, upload it to YouTube, and create something that people may actually want to watch. Personally, I like watching my dog do pretty much nothing, just wandering around. Here she is:

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