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Why gas stations fly such gigantic American flags

If you've ever wondered why gas stations invest so much money in those gigantic American flags, the answer is, of course, marketing.

And marketing is all about attracting attention. Yes, I hate to compare flying the American flag to some guy on a street corner twirling a sign, but it's the same general idea.

Take a look at the next gigantic American flag that you see at your local gas station. Note that is is much, much, bigger and taller than any other sign is legally allowed to be. That's because while signs can be regulated to keep them from being gigantic eyesores to a city, flags can't be. So while you may not be thinking American flag when you're looking for a gas station in the distance, that waving flag will definitely attract your attention.

By the way, you'll see these gigantic flags flying in front of model homes at new subdivisions, too. And the reason they're so big is so that they will be noticed from a distance.

Personally, I like seeing the American flag displayed this way, rising above everything else. Yeah, I know that it's a marketing trick, but I'm OK with that.