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August 26, 2015

How to read an eBook correctly

As someone who loves reading eBooks, I just cringe whenever I see someone doing it wrong. I guess it's the cranky old guy in me, who wants to shout "you'll ruin your eyes!" But of course I never say anything, and that's why it feels so good to speak up here.

The wrong way to read an eBook is on a LCD screen. That is, your phone, or any screen that lights up, like an iPad, or a computer. Sure, those types of screens are great for short reads, like this. But they are just terrible for reading a book. You know, page after page. The kind of book that you just can't put down!

I do a lot of reading, but never on anything but a plain eReader. If you've haven't ever seen one, that's not surprising. It's not something that most people use while they're sitting at the airport. You will usually see people trying to read a book on a Smart Phone, or a tablet, such as a Kindle Fire. If you'd tried that, and hated it, I can understand why. Reading a book that way is about the equivalent of staring into the high beams of oncoming traffic - it's possible, but it's annoying.

Luckily, the solution is easy, and cheap. And maybe that's why you don't see it advertised a lot. They're called plain eReaders. And that's all they do, let you read books. They're black and white. You can't watch movies on them, you can't post on Facebook, you can't Instagram. All you can do is read on them. And they're wonderful.

An plain eReader uses a completely different technology than an LCD screen. And before you get all nervous, thinking that it's some strange, new thing, it's like an Etch-A-Sketch.

An ereader. This is the type that is easy on the eyes. Yes, you can read outdoors with it. I do it all of the time.

If you're old enough to recognize what an Etch-A-Sketch was, you know that it was just a screen with some kind of little magnets inside of it. It didn't light up. You could use it outdoors, or in any light condition. It didn't have a whole bunch of crazy reflections all over the screen. Yep, that's how the screen on a plain eReader works. If anyone asks you, and I doubt they will, it's called eInk

I recommend my Nook. It cost me eighty dollars at Barnes and Noble, but you can buy any brand you want, they're all pretty much the same. And if no one at the store has any idea what you're talking about, just go find an eReader with the lowest price, that's the one.

End of rant! Thanks for reading this on your painful LCD screen. I'm going back to Sherlock Holmes, on my plain, cheap, comfortable eReader.

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