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August 2, 2015

How to use your iPhone to help a driver navigate

I love riding along with my friends. That is, being a passenger in a car. Mostly I like sight-seeing, looking out the window, and pondering the beauty of Arizona. But lately I've been asked to give directions. And no, it's not because I'm an expert on finding places, it's because I have an iPhone.

If you're a passenger in a car, and the driver asks you get directions to, for example, a particular restaurant, if you have an iPhone, you're in luck. To do this, you will need to talk to your phone. This is how:

• Press and hold the round button at the bottom of your phone. This will activate the voice command, which will beep. The screen will say, "What can I help you with?"

• Say the address in a clear voice. You don't need to memorize any commands or anything. Just say 1234 E. Main Street, Phoenix, Arizona. Or whatever the address is. Your phone will ponder it for a moment or two and display a map, with a pin on the address. Yes, like the pins that people put on maps on the wall. That's your destination.

• On the screen, touch the little blue graphic that looks like the front of a car. This will show you the entire route, and an estimate of the driving time.

• To start navigation, press the word Start at the bottom of the screen. A cheerful female voice will start to give directions. Leave the phone out so that the driver can hear it, and maybe glance down at it when they need to.

By the way, if you need to stop the navigation, click anywhere on the screen and tap End, which is on the top left. I kind'a wish this wasn't hidden, but hey, they never asked me! I just like sight-seeing!

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