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Making phone calls with your iPad

If you have your iPhone and iPad connected together, that is, if you can send and receive messages on both devices, you can make phone calls with your iPad. But there is a trick to it, and here it is.

First of all, you need to have an iPhone. You can't just do this with your iPad. It uses your phone to do this stuff. If your two devices aren't matched together, then you need to do that first. Once they are, the trick is to find out how to dial a number. There isn't a dial pad on an iPad, you know, nor is there a button with a phone on it. Even Siri says, "sorry, I can't make a call for you on this iPad..." But she just doesn't know how. This is how you do it:

• Go to Contacts. For everyone whose telephone number you have, there will be a little icon of a telephone. Click it. Your iPad screen will appear looking just like your iPhone screen when you're talking on the speaker, which is what you are doing. Essentially you're using you iPad now as a speaker phone. Handy!