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Search Engine Optimization

If you would like people to find your website, or your blog, or your YouTube channel, or anything at all that you post on the web, you need to know a little bit about SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization fascinates me, and it's something I have been studying, doing, and recommending to my clients for many years. In the bad old days it was all about tricks, but it hasn't been that way for years. So if you're interested in communicating with the whole world, not just the people who are on your Facebook page, it's time to take a look at SEO.

A Search Engine, by the way, is anything that people use to search for something on the web. It can be Bing, or Google, or even Dogpile. And if you haven't heard of some obscure Search Engine, don't worry, just focus on Google. that's where most people search, and if you do it right for Google, you will do it right for all Search Engines. This is how:

• Be sure that your posts in Social Media are all set to public. You want exposure, not privacy. And yes, everything you say adds up. This is where you start. I tell my clients that it's like getting up on stage, in front of an audience that you don't know. If you've done that in real life, it makes sense. If not, it can be kind'a scary. Yes, they're listening to you. Gather your thoughts and say something worthwhile.

• Use ordinary words. You don't need "meta tags" or any of that stuff, just use the words that people will be using when they do a search. If you're writing about dachshunds, say dachshund, or wiener dog, or doxie. Canis Lupus Familiarus may be technically correct, but it's isn't what most people will type into Google. By the way, these are the "key words" that used to be hidden on web pages. The Google bots have been able to read entire web pages for years, so just include key words as you write. About dogs, for example.

Avoid the temptation to have what you post automatically posted somewhere. If you post on Facebook, you should go over to your Google+ page and post there. And see it with your own eyes. I also post on Linkedin. Post and look.

Really, that's it. Just post stuff, saying what your field of expertise is, like dachshunds, and include some decent photos, too. At first it will feel as if you're talking to an empty room. But if you do it right, the people will find you, through a search.