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August 22, 2015

Teaching and sales - the most common mistake

Most people are terrible at sales, and most people are terrible at teaching. But it's not for want of trying. In fact, it's what most people get wrong. I call it the 1-2-3. And if you're doing it, you are talking your customers out of buying things, and you are confusing your students. This is how it works:

1) A clear explanation. If you're in sales, you describe the benefits of the product or service, if you're a teacher, you explain the concept. This is the 1.

2) In other words... This is where people start to go wrong. In an effort to really sell something, or explain something, they say it all over again, but this time in slightly different words. It seems to be just human nature - making that extra effort to continue talking when the person who was listening to you just needs to have the time to understand what you just said, and make a decision about it. This is the number 2.

3) Explaining it again, in other words, and oh by the way. The third time of saying the same thing, in different words, seems to always combine an "oh, by the way" and the addition of some new information that wasn't even important. This is the number 3. If the customer, or the student, understood number one, then number two just started the process of confusing them, and number three finishes it. In sales, this is known as "talking someone out of the sale."

The solution? Shut up.


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