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The difference between posting on Google+ and posting on Facebook

If you're wondering if there's any difference between Google+ and Facebook, there isn't. They are both essentially blank slates that you write on. You can write anything you want to. And so, since I've been posting on both social media platforms for years, I've drawn my own conclusions. And to me, it has to do with the difference between hanging out with your existing friends (Facebook) or throwing stuff out there (Google+) to see if anyone is listening. Please let me explain.

Since I've been a teacher, I kind'a like the idea of presenting to a new, and often unreceptive, audience. And this is how I've pictured my posts on Google+. The people who are listening to me there aren't doing it because they already know me, they're doing it because they were attracted to something that I talked about. And they found me with a Google search. Whether they follow me or not really doesn't matter to me - and they can end up being friends, but they probably won't. What they will do is listen. And that's why my Google+ page has millions of views but only hundreds of followers. Take a look at your profile page - if it has a lot of views and few followers, that's good. If it's the other way around, all you have is people who clicked "follow" and never came back, mostly.

I still post on Facebook, and sometimes I even say the same thing. But my Facebook friends already know me, so I focus on pictures of my dog, or liking the pictures of my friends at restaurants. Facebook is a friendly place, for friends. It feels good.

To be fair, Facebook is now becoming more like Google+. There are groups that have a much more intellectual feeling than Facebook is traditionally known to have. I'm in a closed group for cycads on Facebook, which is wonderful. But I still try to keep my posts, and comments, there very "Facebooky", short and cheerful.

On Google+, I expand. I've noticed that the posts there tend to be longer, and more carefully written. Or at least the ones I look at. Yes, Google+ is filled with nerds, like me. It's a place where people like me can feel more comfortable talking about HTML, or our favorite podcast. Yeah, I suppose I could post those on Facebook, but I can tell that it's kind'a like standing up in the middle of a pool party to debate the merits of CSS - not cool. On Google+, it's cool.

So there you go. If you have something interesting to say, post it on Google+. If it's about Ant-Man, people will look at it who are interested in Ant-Man. If they find what you say interesting, they will follow you, and maybe share what you posted, and that will mean more people will find you.

Thanks for listening.