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August 17, 2015

Using your iPad while house-sitting

I have a wealthy friend in California who likes to have me hang around his house while he's jet-setting off to Hawaii, where he spends a week or so. I enjoy doing it, and other than having him pay for my transportation, I ask for nothing in return. I spend most of my time in the pool, and the rest of it watching videos. In the past I brought along my Chromebook, and this year I'll be bringing my iPad.

If you remember the bad old days before Wi-Fi, you know that if you were staying at someone's house, they tried to show you how to work the TV. Inevitably it took several remotes, and you were admonished to never touch one particular button, or it would never work again. Or until their nephew had time to come over and reset it all again. So I never, ever, touched these TVs. Not only did I find it annoying that I had to listen patiently while someone tried to describe how they use the separate remotes (wait, I meant this one, hold on, darn it, etc., etc.,) but it also meant that chances were very slim that I would have a chance to have any type of entertainment at all. I have always resisted this, and I think it hurt the feelings of people who wanted to show me their "remote control juggling" skills. I always brought along my iPod, so I could at least have music, audiobooks, and videos (if I wanted to watch on a screen the size of a postage stamp).

Nowadays, of course, you just bring along your iPad, get the WiFi password, and all is well. If you plan on doing this, now is the time to make sure that you're comfortable with your iPad. If you're like me, and don't go a lot of places, you probably use your Apple TV, or your desktop computer, more than your iPad. But the good news is that your iPhone is pretty much the same as your iPad. It's just that the screen on an iPad is bigger. Yeah, you could watch movies on your phone, but why? Your iTunes library is the same on your iPad and your iPhone, and you access it the same way. If you don't have time to practice using your iPad, practice on your phone. Watch a movie, watch Netflix.

Of course, you don't need an iPad to do a lot of stuff, like sending emails, or watching Netflix. But you do need an Apple product to access your iTunes library. And the screen of the iPad, while not gigantic, is considerably larger than your iPhone, and more comfortable to sit and watch videos on.

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