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August 19, 2015

Why you should write a blog, and how to do it

You should write a blog. Yes, you. And if you're saying, "Who me? I have nothing important to say, and besides, I don't know the first thing about Blogger!", I simply say that you do, and that Blogger is easy.

This blog costs me nothing. It's hosted by Google, who hopes that I will write interesting enough content that they can make money with ads. So, you don't need a website, you don't need any computer knowledge, you just have to know how to do stuff that we all do nowadays, click buttons, come up with a password, that sort of stuff.

I started writing blogs years ago just so that I could understand what it was all about. My specialty was Search Engine Optimization, and I was recommending different things to my clients in order for them to be indexed in a Google search. So that's why I started. Why I'm still doing it has more to do with how fun, and satisfying, writing a blog is.

A blog, or a "web log" was originally something like a diary, and a lot of people still use blogs that way. You would write something like "today I fed the dog, and then I did a speech at the United Nations". You might show a photo of the dog food, or include some excerpts from your speech. And if you're the kind of person who likes writing a diary, that's great. It can be very satisfying to do. Unfortunately, they're very dull for people to read.

If you want people to actually read your blog, you have to write about something that interests them. Don't worry about who you are, nobody really cares unless you're already a big celebrity. What people care about is information about stuff they care about. This is the internet, after all, and there are people who actually care about Ant-Man (for example)!

I write several blogs. This is my oldest one, which is about technology, SEO consulting, Graphic Design, and cartoons. I also do one about History Adventuring, Cycads, and Fitness. It's a good idea to keep your blog fairly specific that way, not just writing about whatever pops into your head. People need some structure in order to understand what you're saying.

A blog can be longer than a post on Facebook, Google+, or Linkedin. But really, it shouldn't go on and on and on, with no paragraph breaks. And include a photo, or a cartoon. When people do a quick glance at your blog, they may click away just because it looks boring. You know, too long, didn't read.

So find a subject that you care about, and create that blog. Right now you should be thinking of a title. Then take the time to create the blog - you know, passwords and all that. After that, it's kind'a fun!

By the way, don't be concerned with "followers" - that is so 2005! What you want is visitors - and if you write what people care about, people will visit. So don't bother your friends to "like" or "subscribe". Instead concentrate on writing the best stuff you can. Once it's indexed on Google, if it's any good, people will find your blog!

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