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Going back to Safari from Chrome

After watching Chrome crash over and over for the last two months, I finally had enough, and went back to Safari. I'm on a Mac, so it just kind'a makes sense. Interestingly enough, even as I write this, Chrome refuses to either open or even to force quit. It just sits there on my dock, like someone who has been asked to leave, but hasn't quite got the message.

I started using Chrome a couple of years ago when I purchased a Chromebook. I use Google a lot so I like Google stuff, but really, Chrome has failed.

I live in Cyberspace, so moving to another browser is a hassle. I was used to where everything was, that sort of thing. Like knowing where you furniture is in your house. But, enough is enough. So I'm back to Safari.

By the way, if you do this, I strongly recommend that you don't try to do anything fancy, like moving bookmarks. I'm taking this as an opportunity to do some house-cleaning.

Anyway, I moved from my Chromebook to an iPad last year, which, like a Smart Phone, doesn't require a browser at all. In fact, I like my iPhone and iPad apps so much that I would prefer that my desktop was app-driven, but it isn't. So I'm using a browser. I'm sure that browsers will go away eventually. Maybe that's why Chrome isn't working so well - everything else Google does works great, especially on my iPad and iPhone, so I won't miss Chrome.