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Understanding storage use on your iPhone and iPad

When I got my iPad and my iPhone, I thought that the days of worrying about storage space were over. Boy, was I wrong! In order to update my iOS yesterday, I had to make room, by throwing stuff away, like photos and apps.

So let's talk about how files are measured on a computer - in bytes. Yep, a "byte" is the smallest unit of measurement that you will see on your computer, and on your phone. It's so small that only the tiniest files are measured in bytes (like the plain text stuff that I've been writing on my iPhone - pictured above). So, for all intents and purposes, the smallest measurement that you need to be concerned with is 1,000 bytes, or a Mega Byte, usually written as MB.

The next size up is a Giga Byte, which is 1,000 Mega Bytes, and which is usually seen as GB. And the size after that, in case anyone asks you (and I doubt they will) is a Tera Byte.

The reason that you have to make room on your phone, or your iPad, is that when files are sent to your phone, like a movie that you're watching from iTunes, they actually need to find space to do a temporary download. And of course, the OS (which stands for Operating System) needs space, too.

So your iPhone isn't just connecting to "the cloud" - it's downloading. And it needs space for it. Bytes, lots of them.