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Watching the beginning, and the end, of Google+

As of this writing, September of 2015, Google+ still exists. But it's been on its way out for a long time, and I can understand why.

I joined Google+ years ago when it was by invitation only. I'm an early adopter, and I just wanted to see what it was all about. My speciality is Search Engine Optimization, and so I jumped onto Google+, and recommended it to my clients, in order to enhance their indexing in a Google search. And it has worked well.

So, as a way to enhance SEO, Google+ has been a success. It has helped integrate some very powerful stuff that your business needs to have, such as being indexed in Google, having your business show up on Google maps, that sort of thing. Let's face, it Google owns the web. There was a time when I was amused when I heard someone in conversation say, "You can Google that...", and now it's just common use. I've never heard anyone say "You can Bing that..."

But as competitor for Facebook, Google+ has failed. I liked its more straightforward attitude, but Facebook has now picked up on a lot of stuff like that. When Google+ began, years ago, I was running like crazy away from the stupid comments on Facebook, but since I've joined a couple of closed groups on Facebook that are every bit a thoughtful and intelligent as I'd seen on Google+.

I have a Google+ page, but I really only use it to post stuff, like blogs, which I want to get indexed on Google. My friends are on Facebook, my family is there.

When Google+ goes away, which is beginning to sound like it will be within a month or so from now, I will miss my Phoenix Historical Images page. That's a page where I write love letters to my favorite city. Like everything else I do on the web, I started doing it just to find out how it all works. But my hobby is collecting old photos of Phoenix, and I love sharing them, so hopefully Google will give me a place to do that in the future.

If you're following my Phoenix page, and Google+ suddenly disappears, please check back here on my blog - and hopefully I will find a new home for my Phoenix stuff. I'll let you know how it goes, we're all in this together.

Update November 3rd, 2015. OK, I haven't seen anything change, nor have I heard any more. I'll let you know what I find out. Looks like Google is making this up as they go along, too!

Update November 16, 2015. OK, I've still heard nothing about whether Google+ will stay or go. I am still advising my clients to make their Google+ profile their first priority, and I am continuing to post on my personal Google+ page links to my blogs for SEO purposes, but I am also exploring other places, such as Pinterest. I'll let you know as soon as I've heard anything!