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Why you shouldn't try to use voice to text to write a blog post

OK, the voice to text in Blogger on the iPad really didn't work at all. So I'm writing this with voice to text in plain text which is an app. But the reality is that I think the next time I write a blog post on my iPad I'll use a keyboard. Voice to text is great but it's really meant for short things like writing stuff on Facebook. This is done with the copy and paste, and it's ponderously slow going.

I'm housesitting for a friend, and I'm experimenting on my iPad and my iPhone, and I really didn't expect to be writing anything in my blog, and really this is torturously slow going.

So, yeah it can be done, and it's a pretty amazing piece of technology, doing its best, really it doesn't compare to being able to type. I'm gonna get myself a keyboard for my iPad.