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October 10, 2015

How to carry a Smart Phone if you're a man

Smart Phones are great. I have an iPhone, and I love it. But the really big phones are best suited for carrying in a bag, or a lady's purse. If you're an ordinary man like me, who wants to carry his phone in his pockets, here are a few thoughts.

• Don't get one of those gigantic phones. A few days ago I saw a phone that looked like the woman was carrying around a narrow refrigerator. A gigantic screen, but a bit of overkill for someone like me. Yes, I'm over 40 and I like to see nice big buttons on my phone, but my regular iPhone 6 is fine. If you get an iPhone plus, you will have to carry it in a bag, or get a special holder for it. It won't fit in your pocket.

• Use your left pocket. Before I got my Smart Phone, I carried my phone in my right pocket. I flipped it open with my right hand and started talking. When I got my iPhone, started using my left pocket for my phone. There are two reasons - the first being that I carry my keys and my change in my right pocket, and I don't want to scratch up the phone with them, and second, that I use my right hand to touch the screen. That is, I take the phone out of my left pocket, hold it with my left hand, and touch the screen with my right. And I'm doing more than just talking on the phone - I'm sending and receiving text messages, I'm looking up stuff, I'm looking at maps. I'm right handed, so it makes sense to use my "dumb hand" to simply hold the phone, and my right hand to push the buttons.

The pockets of my shorts and jeans hold my iPhone comfortably, and I can sit down without fear of hurting myself, or my phone. Of course, dress pants have even deeper pockets, so that isn't an issue. I wasn't using my left pocket for much before, anyway. Now it gives me a place for my phone where it's protected, and I can access it quickly and comfortably.

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