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October 18, 2015

How to use Facebook

Facebook is a place for friends and family. It's a place to joke around, and be yourself. And that's the danger for some people. So if you're thinking about joining in the party of Facebook, take a look at yourself.

If you're a hateful, nasty, mean-spirited person, you really don't want to post that stuff on Facebook. In spite of all of the "privacy settings", if you want to spew out poison, don't imagine that it will stay in your immediate circle of friends. And maybe, just maybe, your friends really don't want to hear about hateful stuff.

Facebook is a community of friends and family, and friends of friends and family of family. It's like going to a big party where everyone knows each other, because of some type of connection. Maybe they went to the same high school, maybe they're in-laws, whatever. And if your motto is to always say nasty, hateful things, you may find that other people's motto is to hope that you stay away.

But I'd like to make a suggestion - come to the party. No, you don't have to pretend to be someone you're not, but maybe you could leave the nasty comments behind. You don't have to be all sweetness and light, but maybe you could just be part of the community.

Take a look at Facebook. Look at the faces. There are children there, there are old folks there. The world is there. And the world isn't such a bad place. In my experience in a longish life, most of the people I've met have at least meant well.

So here's what you do: find a good photo of yourself and use it as your Facebook profile photo. Use your real name. This is the same thing you could do if you went to a party. And if you've never been to a party, then just go there, sit in the corner and smile at people. You may like it.

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