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October 9, 2015

Should you buy a Macintosh computer, an iPhone, or an iPad?

I'm a Mac guy. As a Graphic Designer, my career grew up with the Macintosh computer. I'm fascinated with fonts, and I can tell Helvetica from Arial. I use Adobe software, like Photoshop and Illustrator. A lot. And for years and years when people asked me if they should get a Macintosh computer, mostly I've said no.

I've always thought that a Macintosh computer is like driving a Ferrari to a grocery store for most people. It's wildly expensive, it's showy, and there are a lot of cheaper ways to do exactly the same thing. I told people that yes, they should invest in a Macintosh computer if they're a Graphic Designer, but that was about it. If you worked in an office, using Microsoft software, or enjoyed gaming, a non-Macintosh computer was a much smarter buy.

But lately I've been noticing something else, that Apple has always done well - their computers are wonderfully easy to use. Why do you suppose Graphic Designers liked them right away? They were designed to be used by "non-computer" people. You plugged them in and went. Macintosh people tended not to talk about Mother Boards, or Graphics Cards, or various stuff that PC people really enjoy tinkering with. A Macintosh computer was, and is, pretty much sealed up. You buy it, turn it on, and go.

And that brings me to the iPhone and the iPad. Like all Apple products, they're insanely expensive. And they don't require any "tinkering" - you just turn them on and go. Yes, they're flashy - and something of a statement of "conspicuous consumption", but mostly they're easy to use. Like all Apple products, including the Macintosh, they work well. They're reliable. They're easy to use. In fact, they're so easy, it's practically laughable. Push the button.

So if you're tempted to get a Macintosh computer, an iPad, or an iPhone, and you don't mind putting a big dent in your wallet, go ahead. They're not just for Graphic Designers anymore.

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