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October 3, 2015

Updating to Mac OS El Capitan

I updated my Mac to the latest operating system (as of this writing October 3rd, 2015 "El Capitan") two days ago, on October 1st, and have seen no major malfunctions. If you're hesitating, I can understand why. A few years ago I found that an important software program that I had been using for years could not run on the new OS (Lion if I recall correctly), nor could the information that it contained be brought forward. That was bad. I ended up taking my Mac in, and in spite of attempts to make it better, I was forced to start from scratch on that piece of software. Not a good day. Even my backup didn't help.

This time around the only glitch I found was my elderly versions of my Adobe software, which required a Java plug-in, called a "Legacy". I did that, and they work fine, but when you see something called "Legacy", its a good hint that your time is limited. I will need to update my Adobe software!

I have an iPad and an iPhone and I love how well coordinated they are with my Mac. It takes a bit of doing to get them all talking to each other, and you have to keep entering your iTunes password over and over, but it's worth it. An app that I like a lot, and have been using a lot on my iPhone, is "Notes". I use it for grocery lists, and just generally stuff that I want to remember. And since it's in iCloud, I can write stuff here on my iMac, or on my iPad, or my iPhone (where I usually use the voice to text).

I'm not really doing much Graphic Design anymore, nor am I teaching anymore, but I'm glad that I've had an excuse to use Apple products for the past 20+ years. Companies that I worked for paid for them, schools I taught at kept them up, and nowadays I can't imagine not having a Mac, an iPad, and an iPhone. Yeah, I'm spoiled.

So go ahead and install El Capitan. If you're a Mac person, you've been using Time Machine for years which backs up everything continuously (I think it's every hour on the hour). The total process of updating to El Capitan will take a little over an hour by the time it's all completed. As usual, it's so automatic that you really can't tell if anything is happening, except by looking at the button that says downloading. I puttered around in the morning and glanced at the screen every once in a while so I could say that I agree, etc., and just kept clicking.

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