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October 16, 2015

Why people who are always late are so awesome

The vast majority of people I've known here on planet earth in a longish lifetime have been always running late. Sure, there are exceptions, but the general rule is that most people have lives that are "crazy busy", and they're just about always frantic, running late, rushing around, and getting more and more behinder on their to-do list.

Since I'm a Graphic Designer, I really couldn't be one of these people. In order to be a successful Graphic Designer, which I've been since age 19, I had to hit deadlines. I had to follow through on time. I had to be more than fast and efficient, I had to learn to do work at "turbo speed". And I've always liked that. I'm like a race car driver - I like to go fast!

Like I say, there have been notable exceptions, but the vast majority of my clients have been running way behind. They have been frantic to get something done. They would forget to do stuff until the last minute. And my relationship with these people all of my life has been perfect. I'll tell you why.

• People who are always running late are the nicest people I've ever known. They're late because they're optimistic that the traffic won't be so bad. They're hopeful that their phone won't die because they just need to make one more call. They don't back up their files because they figure everything will be OK.

• People who are always running late are appreciative. Many times I've done something that only takes a few minutes, because I do back up my files, know where things are, etc., and that can seem like some kind of miracle to a client. And yes, I do like the feeling of being some sort of hero because I have their logo, and can make it a different color.

• People who are always running late pay well. These clients of mine have paid me well. No, I never, ever, charge for "rush work". Everything I do is rush work. If I can't do the job in the timeframe they need, I'll turn it down. But I'll probably figure out a way to do it. I don't "gouge" these clients with rush charges, I simply charge a reasonable professional fee, and present the bill. I may have to gently remind them, as they are usually forgetful, and can't find my bill, and I have to send it again. But they pay me.

In nature, this is called a symbiotic relationship. I'm always on time, and usually early, and I worry a lot. I check to make sure that everything is working correctly with my computer. I have a Mac, which has Time Machine, so it backs up everything every hour on the hour. I update my software, I check to make sure everything is working. Did I mention that I worry a lot? It's nice to be around people who are always relaxed, always cheerful, and always think that the traffic won't be so bad today.

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