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Why you don't need to go to banks, or ATMs, anymore

There was a time when the only way to cash a check, or get cash, or deposit a check, was to go to a bank and stand in line. Then ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) were invented, so that you didn't have to go inside of the bank. You stood outside, pushed buttons, and did your transactions there.

But really, if you're still doing that, there's no reason for it. That is, if you're an ordinary citizen like me, and you're not running a cash business, or moving a lot of money around. There is no reason to go to a bank, or use an ATM.

As a full-grown man of about number one size, I'm still kind'a nervous standing around an ATM. And that's in daylight in my nice suburban neighborhood. It just gives me the creeps - makes me look around, I don't make eye contact with anyone. Standing next to a wall with your back to the world while you push buttons, deposit checks, or get cash, is just kind'a strange. So if you would like to stop doing that, I have good news for you, you can.

I get cash when I'm at a grocery store, or Target. It's called cash back. And you're doing the business a favor. Since they have to accept cash, they have to lug it around, and physically take it to a bank. If they can give the cash to you, and just accept the debit information, you have made their life easier.

And there are much safer ways to deposit a check than to go to an ATM. I've been using bank by mail for years, and now I use my Smart Phone to deposit checks.

So, be safe, and stop hanging around dangerous places!