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October 30, 2015

Why you shouldn't rely on Google, or YouTube, for your business

Google and YouTube are great. I use them all of the time (I'm using a Google product here - Blogger), and I use YouTube all of the time. But before you think about making it the basis of your company, think again.

Don't get me wrong. I really love Google, and YouTube, and they work great. But it's important to remember that they are supplying a free service (paid for by advertising), and if something goes wrong, such as Gmail going down, or YouTube, even for a few hours, it can mean disaster to your business. So here's what you should do - pay for a service.

Personally, I have a website, which is hosted, and which charges me a yearly fee. My professional email is hosted by them as well. If anything goes wrong, I have a number I can call.

The Google stuff that I use, like this blog, and Gmail, is incidental. Nice to have, but my business doesn't rely on it. Yeah, I know that I worry a lot!

So here's what I suggest - use Google, or YouTube, as a supplement to your business, not as a lifeline. Build your own lifeline, and pay for it. Host your own videos, create your own web pages. Sure, something probably won't go wrong, but if someone trips over a power cord at a free service that you're using, what are you gonna do? Wait? Do you think your customers will understand? I sure wouldn't.

Being in business takes money. It takes an investment in things that you might otherwise get for free. No, it's not 100% guaranteed, but the odds should be in your favor. Choose wisely.

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