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Being spoiled by reading books on an ereader

OK, I'll admit it, I'm spoiled by my ereader. I have one of those ereaders that very few people have ever even seen, which has a non-glare screen. It's called E-Ink. And it's about as low-tech as an etch-a-sketch. And it's a pleasure to read books on. You can read it outside. It looks like paper, only better.

If you've never seen this type of ereader, and you've only seen people squinting at those nasty reflective screens, this will be a revelation to you. How anyone can read a book on a reflective screen is beyond me, maybe they think that they have no choice.

And if you're convinced that it's not really a book unless it's printed on paper, I sympathize. I'm sure when paper was invented, people who only read books carved into stone were outraged. But really, the new technology was better, and easier. Paper is lighter than stones.

The important thing is that I love to read, and my ereader makes it as painless as possible for me. Yeah, if I had no choice, I would try to read a book on a Smart Phone, or an iPad. Or I would go back to reading paper books. But I do have a choice. I like my ereader.