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November 18, 2015

Google+, from failed social media site to a place for ideas and shared interests

I watched Google+ fail in its efforts to compete with Facebook. As a social media site, it was a failure from the beginning. I never stopped writing goofy stuff to my friends and family on Facebook, it does that so well. But for ideas and shared interests, I started using Google+.

Now that Google+ has admitted its failure as a social media site, hopefully we can all focus on ideas. Google+ is the most wonderful place for ideas, that is, intellectual stuff, shared interests. It's not about clicking "like" on a picture of someone's dog, unless of course, you're on the Dachshund Lovers of the World page.

For me, as a Graphic Designer and SEO consultant, I will continue to focus on Google+. I know that when people search for something, they are using Google (sorry, Bing!) and so it's vitally important that my clients have a Google+ profile, and do what they can to maintain a high profile on Google, by posting links to their blog posts on Google+, for example. Yeah, Google is all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

As an early adopter, I've been on Google+ since 2011, and have done a lot of experimenting with it. It turns out the thing that I enjoy the most is an extension of my hobby, collecting old photos of Phoenix, Arizona. And I love sharing with the community that has grown up around it. They're not Facebook friends, they're people with a shared interest, specifically the history of Phoenix.

So it looks like Google+ is going to stay around after all. It may have never been able to compete with Facebook as a social media site, but it's a wonderful place for ideas, and shared interests.

Phoenix, Arizona Historical Images

Brad's Google+ page

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