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November 20, 2015

How to add a link in Google+

If you're surfing the web, and see a page, or a video, or a blog (like this one!) that you would like to share it on your Google+ page, simply copy the URL (that's the address there at the top of your browser which looks like this;postID=6707700669116143311

No, don't try to type it, you gotta use copy and paste. And once you've copied it, go to your Google+ page and start writing a post just like you always do. And say a little bit about why you're posting it, such as "Great advice here about Google+! I always wanted to know how to add a link!". You don't need to add a bunch of nonsense like "click here" or "You'll love it", just a short description is best.

Since Google+ updated its interface in November of 2015, the link icon has gotten even more vague. Originally, it was supposed to look like a paper clip, but now, well, I'm not sure? What do you think?

Anyway, when you click on that strange little icon, a box opens up that says "Add a link". It would be nice if the icon said that, but hey, nobody asks me. I'm sure they mean well.

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