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How to back up your blog on Google Blogger

I'm a big believer in backing up computer files. Here on my Mac, I have Time Machine, which backs up the files there every hour. But my blogs, which are on Blogger, don't get any kind of backup, unless I do it myself. And really, I'd hate to lose all of that work. Unfortunately, backing up on Blogger is one of the most convoluted things I've ever seen. So, please don't blame me, I didn't design it. I'm sure they meant well.

How to back up your blog on Google Blogger

• Click on the word Design in the upper right hand corner of your blog. This takes you to what most people call the Dashboard., which is what you're seeing in the image at the top of this post. If you've never gone there, you may want to check it out. It lets you do a lot of stuff, and hidden way down, and buried, is a way to backup your blog. No, don't look for a button that says "Backup your blog", that would be too easy. Look along the left-hand side of the page and click "Settings". But wait, it gets worse. Then you have to go to "Other". Yeah, "Other".

Once you get to Settings>Other, you still have a ways to go. If you're still looking for "Backup your blog", don't bother. It's hidden as "Export blog".

• Click on Export blog and another window opens. Still looking for "Backup blog"? Nope, it says "Download Blog". There's a paragraph that seems to reassure you that you blog will be fine, and kind'a implies to me that you're a worry-wart to even be there, backing up your blog.

• Download the file. It's just a bunch of gobble-de-goop, and it can only be used it you need to import it into another type of blog site, like WordPress.

So, if you've never done it, or never seen it, don't feel bad. But if something goes wrong, and your webmaster asks you if you've backed up your blog, you can say, "Sure! Here's the file!"