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November 19, 2015

How to stop Photoshop CC from snapping when you're trying to crop

One of the most annoying things that Photoshop does is called "Snapping". So when you're trying to do a very precise crop, it just snaps back and forth instead of going where you want it to. I suppose this could be a handy feature, but really, it should be turned off until you need it (which I never do). Unfortunately, it's a default setting, so you have to turn it off.

How to turn off the snap in Photoshop

Go to your menu on the top of your screen, select View>Snap to>Document Bounds. Unfortunately, it's a checkmark toggle, so you gotta look to see if there is a checkmark next to it. If there is, this annoying function is on. To make it go away, select it and be sure the checkmark goes away, and it will turn off the snap.

It would be nice if it said "on/off" or if it changed to "Unsnap" or something, but that's not how they designed it. I'm sure they meant well.

I'm doing this on a Mac - if you're on a PC it'll look a little different, but it'll still be under "View".

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