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November 26, 2015

How to stop seeing Facebook posts from someone without hurting their feelings

I like Facebook. It's a fun social media page where I can joke around with my brother, and see pictures of cats. It's a delicious mix of just the kind of trivial stuff that makes being a social person a joy. And I'm flattered when people send me a friend request. My Facebook page is always set to public, so they really don't have to, but being my Facebook friend means that everything that I post will show up in their news feed. So they can see all my witty comments on the weather, what kind of car I would like to have, and pictures of cats that I post. Which is nice. And I can start to see their stuff, too.

So, if your Facebook posts are public, there's really no reason to not accept a friend request. There's nothing that they will see that they couldn't see just by going to my page. It just puts my post in my friend's news feed.

And after someone has become my Facebook friend, I give them a chance. Maybe they have some interesting thoughts, or go to interesting places. If they say something idiotic every once in a while, I'll just hide their post. But if they post a lot of idiotic stuff, that is just ruining my day, and clogging up my news feed, I will Unfollow them.

Now, waitaminute, Unfollowing is not the same thing as Unfriending someone. You remain their friend, you just don't see any of their posts anymore. So it saves the hurt feelings that a person might have, especially if they tend to post idiotic stuff. To do this, click on the little arrow at the top right of their post, and take a look at the drop down menu. You have the choice to just hide the post (which I do sometimes even for my best friends), or you can Unfollow someone. In the example above, I also have the choice to hide anything from where my friend Bob got the link. I actually like the stuff that Bob shares, so I keep him in my news feed.

So there you go. Unfollow, not unfriend. It saves hurt feelings, and allows someone to go on posting stuff that you can't see. It's kind of like being able to go a party and having ear plugs for just certain people, that they can't see. They can go on talking, and you just smile.

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