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The ability to see a very wide range of colors

Unlike most men, and because of my careful selection of my parents, I can see a very wide range of colors. No, I didn't learn this, or develop this. I just have it. It's kind of a super-power. Well, I wouldn't be much of a Graphic Designer, or illustrator, if I didn't have this.

The ability to see a wide range of colors is the same as being able to differential between different tastes, or smells. Some people have it, some people don't, and there is a wide range in-between. And the people who don't have it often wonder if it really exists. Believe me, it does.

I've been fascinated by color ever since I was a kid. I had the largest box of crayons in Kindergarten (again thanks to my parents). I colored a lot. I did paint by numbers. I was obsessed with cartoons, and I still am.

Color looks best in bright light. I've never liked darkness, or the nighttime. I cherish seeing color, and the dullness of nighttime takes that away from me. It has something to do with the anatomy of your eyes, rods and cones, if you want to look it up.

Color is absolutely delicious to me. It has always caused to fail to pay attention to something else, as my eyes drank up "eye candy". And I've known other people like this. They love color, and can see a lot of it. More than words can express, because color is a different language, and there aren't enough words.

If you see color this way, rest assured that you're not alone. It's a rare ability, it's distracting, but it's wonderful.

Illustration at the top of this post: Peacock drawn by my brother Roger Hall, who also sees a wide range of colors.