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The easy way to follow Adsense policy as a publisher

If you're a blogger who uses Adsense, you may have tried to read the rules and regulations. I've tried several times to study the policies, because I really want to do the right thing, and luckily, I can explain what you need to do in two words: Ignore Adsense.

Write your blog as if the ads aren't even there. Don't refer to them, don't talk about them. At all. I like to think of them as similar to an ad painted on a barn - you're the farmer, just go on doing your farming. If someone sees it, fine, if not, it's not really your responsibility to stand there next to your cows, pointing it out to people. Don't stand there twirling a sign, not only does it make you look stupid, it's against the Adsense policy.

So there you go. Sign up for them, let Google do its thing, and you do your thing. Write about dachshunds, or daffodils. Your job is to create interesting content, which is what you're best at. Leave the ads alone to do their thing.