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What click bait design is, and why you shouldn't do it

If you've ever gone to a page that promises to list something such as "the top 25... whatever" and then found that you had to click after each one, you have gone to a "click bait" page. The reason that this is done is to get 25 clicks from you, a single visitor, instead of one. And not only does it annoy people, it send a message that the page is trying to be tricky. So as more and more people begin to recognize this trick, they will quickly just click away, probably to never return.

Tricking people is no way to build a positive reputation on the internet. People are already pretty skeptical, and if you do something like "click bait" design, you will be undermining your integrity in the long run. So don't do click bait design. Instead, if you want to list something, do it all on one page, and let people read it. So here are five reasons not to use "click bait" design

  1. It annoys people. A lot.
  2. It makes people think that you're trying to trick them, which you are.
  3. It makes people think that you are doing something sneaky, which you are.
  4. It undermines your good reputation on the web, which is precious.
  5. It annoys people. A lot. Yeah, I know I already said that, but it bears repeating.

Click baiting is a trick to get more clicks on a page, usually for advertising. It's just a trick, so if you see it, click away. And if you're a designer, don't even think about doing it yourself.