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What Google Adsense is

As a Graphic Designer, and a Marketing/Advertising person, I get a lot of questions from people about things on the web. And as a right-brained person mostly, I learn best by doing, so I signed up for Google Adsense many years ago in order to learn it, which I'm still doing, as it changes all of the time. I'll try to explain it from my point of view, as a person who writes a daily blog.

Adsense is a publisher's point of view of ads on Google. If you write a blog, you're a publisher. So, if there are ads on your blog, it's because you gave Google the OK to do it. If there are no ads on your blog, it's because you said no.

When my clients ask me about Adsense, and whether it's worth it to have it on their blog, I usually say no. Blogs for businesses function best when the focus is on the business itself. And besides, watching Adsense is mostly a distraction for my clients. I do it because, well, I don't mind, and besides, I'm supposed to know everything, remember?

If you're just writing a blog about, for example, dachshunds, by all means sign up for Adsense. All you gotta do is say OK to them, and they do the rest. The ads are "context sensitive", which means that the Google bots read them (it's nice that it's read!) and then the most appropriate ads go on your blog, for example dog food, or doggy treats for dachshunds. There might be some Real Estate stuff, or something that isn't precisely aimed at people reading a blog about dachshunds, but no bad stuff. Nothing in poor taste. Google is very strict about that!

If you're familiar with modifying Blogger, you can place ads in addition to the default, which is between the posts. You can put them at the top, along the sides, but watch out. If your blog starts to looks like it's mostly ads, people will click away. Best to keep it to the bare minimum, or don't do it at all.

I've enjoyed watching Adsense. Like most of what I do on the web, it's a learning experience, and mostly it's just pennies dropping. As a consultant, of course, I charge much more than that, so it's worthwhile, but I gotta admit that the kid in me likes to see the pennies drop. I even have an app on my phone to watch it. Oh look! I just made another penny!