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November 27, 2015

Why you should get a new computer for Christmas

Since I use computers a lot, and have taught computer software, people think that I'm some kind of computer expert. I'm not. I like my computers the same way I like my cars, very powerful, new, and shiny. I can't fix them, or restore them, I just know how to drive them.

If you're using an antique computer that's held together with scotch tape and baling wire, all I can say is that you need a new one. When people start talking about trying to eke out more life from their old computer, I just smile and try to commiserate. It's gotta be rough, but I've never done that.

For all of my professional career, I have used the latest computers and the latest software. I just took it for granted, I guess. And it wasn't until I started teaching that I realized how difficult it is to try to do stuff on old computers, with old software. I felt bad, as a lot of the students were trying to stretch their budget, but there was no other solution than for them to get a new computer, and update their software.

I'm a Mac guy (I named my dog Macintosh!) so often people ask me if they should get a Mac. Macs are great, but they're insanely expensive. Getting an iMac, or a Mac Laptop, is just kind'a crazy for most people. I often compare it to buying a Jaguar to go to the corner store. Yeah, they look great, and they're very fast, but you could do the same thing much cheaper.

So this is what I suggest: go buy a new computer. If you have a PC that's more than five years old, you will be astonished at how much better they are, even the cheapest ones. If you already have a very powerful computer, you may want to go and get a Mac, but it really is overkill for most people.

And be sure to recycle responsibly!

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