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November 8, 2015

Why your Pinterest boards and pins have suddenly all disappeared

I don't use Pinterest much, but this morning (November 8, 2015) I thought I'd take a look at my boards and maybe pin something. And... they're all gone. And it looks like I logged into Pinterest with my new iPhone a few months ago, and Pinterest decided to automatically make a brand new account. I have no idea why?

I've followed the steps that Pinterest suggests (they know about this problem) to try to solve this, but it becomes an endless cycle. I deactivated the bad account, I cleared the cache on my browser, and when I try to log back in, it's still the same blank account. My boards and pins are still there, but I can't get to them.

I just sent in a message to see if they can offer some help beyond the endless cycle, so I'll let you know. In the meantime, I sympathize. Rest assured that you've done nothing wrong, your boards are still out there (although you can't touch them) and people can still see your stuff. It's a problem with Pinterest, and presumably they're working on it.

Update: the next morning. Pinterest responded to my request this morning - cool. They told me to deactivate the bad account (which I did), find the correct account and send them the link. I'll let you know how it goes!

Update two days later. They fixed it! It took a few steps but a real live person at Pinterest emailed me back and forth and we got it all back. Nice customer service, Pinterest! I'm gonna go pin some photos now!

Update that afternoon. It works! I have my boards back and can pin again! And here are daffodil sprouts!

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