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Being more human on your Google+ business page

If you've ever visited a business page, whether on Facebook or Google+, and seen a comment posted by "XYZ Company", you have probably been a little put off, like you seem to be talking to a machine or something. Or maybe the Great and Mighty Oz, behind the curtain. It's not the fault of the person writing the comment, it's just the nature of a business page in Social Media. On my personal Google+ page you see my face in a comment, but on my business page, you see an icon. So here is a trick that I have found makes me feel better, and makes me more human on my business page, I use people's name, and sign my name.

So, if you make a comment on my Cartoon Illustration page, such as "what software do you use?", I will reply like this: "Hi Ralph - I use Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud - Brad"

I own the business and we're having a conversation. It takes me an extra second or two for me to actually write someone's name, and include mine - with a dash. That's what I call a signature.

By way, I also answer the phone by saying "this is Brad". You're talking to the person in charge, and I'm glad to hear from you!